Light Tide Environmental Healing



"The greatest influence in our life, stronger than our will power, is our environmentChange it, if necessary."

Paramahansa Yogananda - Autobiography of a Yogi

Enhance the Wellbeing of your Family and Pets, and the success of Your Business by Clearing your Environment of Detrimental Energies and Improving the Flow and Level of Beneficial Ones

We can consider Environmental Energy Analysis and Healing of Spaces a science that has been widely used in ancient cultures to design, build, program, and to "actAlberto-Amura-Environmental-healingivate" their sacred sites and buildings. For example, The Chinese used its principles and techniques in crating the science of Feng Shui, and in ancient India the "science of structures" called Vaastu was developed seven thousand years ago. In medieval times master achitects and masons used those ancient principles to build cathedras and citadels. And, above all, the Egypcians mastered such science,and they actually discovered the methods to detect and modify the subtle energies of spaces. That knowlwdge was virtually forgotten or denied in the Western world until the late 19th century, when it started to surface again in the Orient and in Europe. 

As Einstein stated, and current discoveries in quantum physics proved, everything in existence in the Universe, sentient and non-sentient, is ultimately a condensed field of energy, This means that our abodes and estructures are also composed of these "synergizing" energies. There is no quantum separation between our environemnt and our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions. All are made of life-force energy. Hence, the vibrations found in a living space can adversely or positively affect those residing in it; people, animals and plants. Modern achitecture and design practices that focus on sustainable design and environmental technologies, can integrate the tools and benneficial results of evnironmental healing into their work, and create healthy and healing spaces. 

My practice combines my background and experience in environmental science, metaphysics, and energy healing. By applying the fields of Radiesthesia and Dowsing, the science of Biogeometry, the basic principles of Feng Shui, and the power of Symbols and Geometry, andcombining them with my natural intuition and practical skills, I provide an effective way to heal and enhance living spaces. Through personal research and field experience I have developed a unique and effective space clearing and enhancing method.